We are a DESIGN and full-service land care company since 1992

Residential & commercial, no job too small or too big

All affiliated companies are licensed and insured ~

Creating Sustainable Design is our specialty.
Working with stone makes timeless designs.
Shifting properties from conventional to non-toxic.
Working with nature is cost effective.
Finding alternative successful solutions.
Adding native vegetation 
Adding & Feeding beneficial insects
We feed organisms in soil

Servicing all your landscape needs!

All consults include:
*close client relationship
*communication is the key to success
*complete understanding of desires
*design with customized improvements

All projects include:
*management of crews for each job
*order & facilitate delivery of materials
*oversee construction project 
*proper installation of all products
*organic maintenance for living materials
*spring & fall clean-ups and regular weeding
*detailed pruning/shaping of bushes & trees

Offering more than plants:
*soil building with organic products
*proper plant care through the seasons of time
*non-toxic lawns:  seeding & mowing & feeding
*excavation work, see below for more details
*all tree work, all seasons long
*stone work for all types of creations
*snow removal

All Excavating needs;
*sub-grading & grading
*driveway installation
*retaining walls of any size stone
*snow plowing - get onto our list today
*sculpting soil - customize your landscape
*adding large stones - front door steps, etc
*title-5 septic systems 
*excavators are licensed and insured

All Masonry needs:  stones are timeless!
*custom craftsmanship with any stone type
*all stones possible - all creations possible
*outdoor ovens of all types
*outdoor fire pits of any size
*stone walkways
*stone decks
*stone landings
*stone front door step
*stone retaining walls of all sizes
*cutting of stones
*stone art (decorative) 

All Arbor needs:
*tree shaping & pruning for best growth possible
*vista views ~ working with town on water properties
*proper recycling:  cutting, splitting & stacking 
*all natural spray applications at proper times
*planting mature trees:  no tree too big
*year- round arborist, licensed & insured 

All Watering needs:
*harnessing rain water in barrels 
*harnessing rain water in large tanks below ground
*custom sprinkler systems on timers
*start-up & winterizing irrigation
*installation of irrigation
*water elements:  fountains, ponds, walls 
*soaker hoses

All outdoor Building needs:

All Pond needs:
*custom design 
*digging, liner, pump, filter, electric work, lights
*Koi fish winter over on Cape Cod
*water plants - perennial or annual color
*stone waterfall creating a pleasurable sound
*placement of stone around liner for a natural look 
*pump & filter system installation and maintenance

We are prompt, reliable, focused, organized, detailed, efficient and believe in quality for a healthier future.
Creating while being mindful of nature


*Organics – adding seeds, fertilizers, compost tea, compost soil, worms, nematodes, praying mantis, ladybugs
*Scouting – identifying what already exists to know what will be comfortable in your yard
*Monitoring – keeping an eye on any changes within your property throughout the seasons
*Transitioning – clients from conventional to non-toxic ways of treating their own land
*Knowledge – sharing awareness about every step for complete understanding how to be non-toxic
*Design – details custom for your needs while being all natural for your land and our environment
*Contractor – of tree work, complete lawn care, garden maintenance, masonry, any excavation, irrigation, wood builders
*Building up – starting with the soil, adding beneficial organisms that will take care of your yard
*Compost – adding organic mixtures of nutrition for your choices of plantings
*Stone art – hardware where needed, for longevity, all masonry unique to each client’s desires
*Plants – working with your natural landscape & choosing the right plant for the right place
*Perennials – horticultural designer creating since 1992 full of knowledge, creating beauty with nature
*Edibles – organic herbs, vegetables, fruits & roots, also medicinal gardens, raised beds, etc.

*Installation – correct placement & planting techniques making your plan a reality
*Excavating – for large & heavy work: sub-grading, placement of stones, any bulk work
*Tree work – overseeing existing trees for their health & maintaining them as they grow
*Hardware – custom wood work, pergola, arbor, trellises, fencing, gazebo, lighting
*Care for life – continual seasonal quality care for your soil & land throughout time
*Health – proper nutrition, addition of organic matter, compost soil, kelp, compost tea
*Reflection – increase your enjoyment by adding an exterior living space custom to your needs
*Water elements – bring your yard alive with sound (also for drowning out unwanted noise)
*Ponds – shapes to fit correct proportion to the size of your yard, add a waterfall to enjoy
*Problem areas – we find solutions to heal challenging areas by working with the land
*Seasons – add 4 seasons of entertainment for a vacation in your own back yard, any time
*Maintenance – there for your landscape through the seasons able to adapt & change with nature
*Educated eye – is valuable to any property.

Your land is in good hands!