Laura Kelley, LMT, HHC
Stone artist, hardscape designer
Organic Horticulturist 
NOFA accredited Organic Land Care Provider
Osborne Organics , Organic Turf Training
Honeybee Keeper
Grower of Organic Food
Holistic Health Councilor
Licensed Massage Therapist
3-Day Eventer Teacher & Trainer of Horseback Riding thru Olympic 
Protector of Cape Cod's drinking water
Educator on Organic Land Care, Honeybees & GMO's

Laura Kelley has been an organic horticulturist since 1992 creating beauty with nature.
She is the 11th generation of Kelley’s born & raised in North Side East Dennis.  She blends old theories
with new techniques nicely allowing for the best balance possible.  She continues to educate herself with the latest training in our changing times.
She grew up on a self-sustaining sheep farm in Dennis and now resides in North Eastham designing sustainable landscapes throughout Cape Cod.

“I was organic before organic became organic!”   I always say.  “There’s something magical about helping plants grow, for they heal us and help us survive.  Being a steward of our circle of life is my greatest pleasure & purpose.  There is a way to create an organic protocol for all land types to allow your land to sustain itself.  Now take that same approach and apply it to your own body:   feed yourself the highest quality organic nutrition possible allowing the potential of the way you perform to be at your greatest possiblity this lifetime - you are what you eat after all!" 

She continues to educate herself and others to share natural ways of helping our landscapes become strong and sustainable for she believes that will help us be stronger as a race for future generations.  Being non-toxic in your body and on your land is the best thing we can do for every creature living in our environment and to protect our precious drinking water.

Speaker sharing knowledge about organic land care &
narrator of a beautiful Honeybee slide show.

Laura is on many local boards to help our community:
~ Director of POCCA Cape
~ OPC, Orleans Pond Coalition
~ PLAC, to help close Pilgrim Nuke
~ Wastewater stakeholder 
~ Ma Right to Know GMO's
~ Speaker, presenter, voice for nature ~

I believe in standing up for the future.  There are simple things we can do each day that will help protect the land we all love, Cape Cod.  Living above an aquifer we have more responsibility since we drink from what is below us.  We need to shift our habits and ways off of anything toxic from inside and outside of our homes and bodies!  

There are natural solutions for every situation, you may need to try a few remedies but once you've found what works, then you are all set.

Specializing in creating sustainable landscapes thrills me, it is easier and cost effective to work with nature.